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Na Skrytej
    10 komfortowo wyposażonych pokoi

  • Najnowsze trendy dekoracji połączone z elementami zabytkowej kamienicy
Najnowsze trendy dekoracji połączone z elementami zabytkowej kamienicy

  • zlokalizowane w centrum Poznania
Luksusowe pokoje gościnne
    zlokalizowane w centrum Poznania

  • Zapewniamy naszym gościom maksimum wygody
Zapewniamy naszym gościom maksimum wygody



Service provider Bjeska A.Pytel, R.Suchanke S.J. company-the owner of guestrooms at Skryta in Poznań, seated in Dziewińska 6 60-178 Poznań, Tax Identification Number; 7792299980.

The moment the Guest books the room the agreement is being concluded between the Guest and Service Provider, which bazuje on the terms pointed below:
The room is rented for nights (the night starts at 2 p.m. and ends at noon on the next day)
the Guest who stays in the room is obliged to register
the Guest shall declare the wish of prolonging the stay, which extends the agreed period, at the reception till 10 a.m. of the day when the lease term finishes.
Service Provider shall take into consideration the wish of prolonging the stay according to possibilities.

the Guest shall not transfer the room to other people even if the paid period has not passed.
Visiting people who are not registered in the hotel can stay in the room from 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. after their presence is reported to the person at the reception.
Service Provider shall lender services according to its category and standard. In case of problems with the quality of services the Guest is asked to report it at the reception as soon as possible. It will allow the staff to act immediately.

Service Provider is obliged to ensure:
Professional and kind service in all the cases concerning the room
Cleaning the room and repairing the devices while the Guest is not in the room and in the presence of the Guest if there is such a wish.
Conditions for peaceful and safe stay ad keeping in secret the information about the Guest.
Devices in working order

The payment is collected in advance for all the stay. All payments ( payments for the night accommodation, payments for the losses) are collected by the reception cash register, which is obliged to issue an receipt.

Service Provider accepts no liability for the loss or damage of things brought in by the users (Polish Civil Code art. 846-849) unless the parties have agreed otherwise

Service Provider shall not agree on animals in the rooms.
Service Provider shall not agree on smoking cigarettes in the rooms.

One is obliged to maintain silence from 10 p.m. till 6 a.m. on the next day. The behavior of guests and people using the rooms shall not disturb other guests. Service Provider can refuse further service for violation of this rule.

The Guest shall check the lock every time he or she leaves the room.
The Guest shall be charged (150 PLN) for loosing the key.
The Guest accepts material liability for every damage of hotel equipment and devices if it was the fault of the Guest or his or her visitors.
Because of the fire security it is not allowed to use electric heaters, electric irons or other devices that are not the equipment of the room.

Personal belongings left in the room after the Guests leaving shall be sent to the Guest on his or her cost on the address given.
In case of lackof such indication Service Provider shall keep the belongings for 3 months.
    Hotel - Pokoje gościnne - Na Skrytej
ul. Skryta 1, 60-320 Poznań
tel. 48 512 263 263